On Honouring the Ones Who Have Gone Before Us

I was 11 years old when my oldest brother brought this laughter-filled girl home for a visit. I remember the dinner table being much more boisterous than usual. I had never heard someone laugh as much or as loudly! Everything my brother said was apparently uproariouslyfunny. I also remember that at one point during the mealContinue reading “On Honouring the Ones Who Have Gone Before Us”

Sequoia Magazine is Hot Off the Press!

If you haven’t heard yet, our first issue of Sequoia magazine is hot off the press and copies are now available for purchase, just in time for Christmas! In just a few days we’ve sold more than half our print run, so if you’d like to get a copy before they’re all gone, head overContinue reading “Sequoia Magazine is Hot Off the Press!”

December Issue: now available for pre-order

We’re excited to announce that Sequoia’s first issue will be a printed magazine! Although it was originally only supposed to be a digital magazine, the wheels got into motion after hours spent in InDesign working on the layout this past month. It’s a bit of a risk to commit to print this early on, butContinue reading “December Issue: now available for pre-order”