Pie Recipe Sneak Peek

The other day was amazing, a day spent with my Mom, making one of my favourite desserts from childhood. The smell of this dessert as it’s being made doesn’t just make my mouth water – it brings back memories, many of them with my Grandma or my cousins as we made short work of theContinue reading “Pie Recipe Sneak Peek”

Nettie Goertzen

Today I was blessed. I did something that I really value, but rarely find the time to do. As we drove up to the familiar home, I wondered how I could bless and be a blessing to my friend. Friend doesn’t seem like quite the right word – Auntie? Grandma? – someone that I deeplyContinue reading “Nettie Goertzen”

Welcome to Sequoia!

Welcome here! Sequoia Journal is a quarterly digital magazine that will be launched in December 2018. We invite you to come explore life, faith & beauty in the everyday. As we prepare to release our first issue, follow Sequoia online to begin connecting with each other and to experience encouragement and inspiration in the everyday.Continue reading “Welcome to Sequoia!”