Sequoia Journal is a quarterly print magazine that will be launched in December 2018. We are creating a space in this corner of the Internet to inspire you to explore life, faith & beauty in the everyday. Be the first to find out when the journal is released! Sign up here to be added to our mailing list:

The idea behind Sequoia Journal was birthed in the heart of the Canadian prairies and is for you, whatever stage of life you are in or wherever you happen to be living. We encourage you to join us on a life-giving journey where we explore faith & beauty in the everyday.

Meet Terrilee Friesen

A while ago, God planted a seed in my heart and mind: a desire to have a faith-based community of women with the common purpose of growing in our faith in Jesus and growing in our understanding of each other, as we share our lives with authenticity and transparency — the joyful and the painful, the challenging and the rewarding. I often wondered what it would be like to take a risk and be vulnerable about my life, in the hopes that this would enable other women to be vulnerable with each other. I don’t mean using the sharing of our lives as a platform, or even to go into detail about things that don’t edify the body or draw us closer to Jesus, but rather the beauty of learning with each other as we become more Christ-like in our characters. What would it look like for me to be real and genuine, and yet be able to recognize that God has created me beautifully? Real and beautiful: the only way to do this is together and why we have chosen to birth the Sequoia Journal.

Why Sequoia?

Sequoias, better known as redwood trees, have a unique root system that enable them to grow tall and strong to the point that they rarely fall over. Most trees have roots that grow deep into the soil. Sequoia roots only grow 6-12 feet deep — but they can grow 100 feet wide, which allow them to intertwine with other trees. The greater the number of Sequoias, the stronger they are. And so it is with us. When our lives are intertwined and connected, we hold each other up and discover we are stronger than when we stand alone.

Our Community

We at Sequoia Journal desire to develop an online community for women where we can be both real and beautiful as we grow in our faith. We desire to find beauty in our everyday lives and to recognize that God is purposeful and creative in how He has made us. We desire to glean wisdom from the older and from the younger — a beautiful pairing. We desire to honour and respect each other in our differences. We desire most of all to challenge each other to grow in our relationship with God. We desire that God would be glorified in everything. The journey has begun and we invite you to join us. May the process be as great a blessing as the end result.



Interested in getting involved?

The December issue of the magazine won’t be complete without the volunteer contributions of our dear friends in the community. We are looking for submissions for the following:

  • stories & articles
  • photography
  • artist profiles: local makers and small businesses that are making a difference
  • recipes

If you have something to share, we’d love to hear from you! E-mail us a sequoiajournal@gmail.com to submit. We thank everyone who submits but only those selected will be notified.

We want to hear from you

If you want to connect with Sequoia but don’t fall in any of the submission categories above, don’t fret! We’d love for you to reach out to us simply by sending us a note to say hi. Or subscribe to our mailing list and we will keep you in the loop about all the happenings around here.

We will be updating the blog regularly and we also invite you to follow Sequoia Journal on Instagram where updates, inspiration & sneak peeks of the December issue will be shared.

Photography on sequoiajournal.com by Gabrielle Touchette. All images are © Gabrielle Touchette Photography unless otherwise credited.