Nettie Goertzen

Today I was blessed. I did something that I really value, but rarely find the time to do. As we drove up to the familiar home, I wondered how I could bless and be a blessing to my friend. Friend doesn’t seem like quite the right word – Auntie? Grandma? – someone that I deeply admire. Nettie has become like family to me. I experience a sense of belonging in her living room filled with her handiwork – a place where my boys play rummy tiles and my girls get their hair braided. Life seems to slow down while we are there – something that all of us crave, but don’t always know how to accomplish. Today, as we listened to stories from the past, we were the ones blessed. The desire to catch every detail of a life filled with both good and hard things filled us. We can’t wait to share the wisdom we gleaned today in our upcoming magazine.