It’s a new day dawning

The first week of September was stressful. I don’t know how many of your houses have been affected by the dry summer, but ours has. Seven years ago we were hit hard in regards to our, at that time, brand new house. We poured thousands and thousands of dollars into our basement… steel beams installed, basement floor dug out – there is no way our house could shift after that, right? But alas, it has – not like it did, but noticeable – hey, who needs the bathroom door closed while going to the bathroom anyway?!

The hard part is, I feel old “tastes” in my mouth and sometimes dissatisfaction with how God has provided for us. But not so long ago we were in the park having a church service, singing worship songs:

The sun comes up / It’s a new day dawning / It’s time to sing Your song again / Whatever may pass / And whatever lies before me / Let me be singing / When the evening comes!

And so I worshipped!